Sunday, May 27, 2012

Download the Best Messenging Apps ever ASAP

WhatsApp Messenger :

Whats app  is a smartphone messenger which is  available for Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. Happy to get such a good app as it is fast and so easy. I Am always on whats app messenger  wheather am working, at college, at home, and or at friends house. Friends within the country or outside the country always keep me posted and being in touch with them makes me feels just so good and happy, they are totally inspiring. On contrary while am not in the wifi zone they can even send messages/pictures and when am back on the wifi zone I mean when the net is connected I get tons of messages and well there  I am busy replying to them most of the time J


 Well I don’t much really use hey wire as I got Iphone for those who have especially android phone and IPAD its much helpful for them in replacement of TEXTFREE app. It is just like sending web sms from your PC. HeyWire can be  on Android & iOS for FREE worldwide Text plus Twitter it Works on WiFi, 3G, 4G + LTE It’s a Free app-app messaging to any country in the world too. It Works as a Cross Platform: Windows Phone, Android, Tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch + iPad! Only thing this app lacks is customization. I would like different notification tones, I would like turn on/off waking phone up when receiving message. Anywaz it is much helpful if u want to message your friends or family even if you got no money in your mobile phone its free free free watch out !


As the word itself portrays its free .Textfree is an app that allows users to send unlimited free text messages from their iPods or other Apple devices. While other apps like this exist, this one is unique because it is free and because it assigns you an actual phone number. Other texting apps are created in a way that makes your messages appear to come from an email address or username, but the company that developed Textfree was able to purchase real-life phone numbers to assign. This Textfree app, it allows me to send free text messages to anyone around the world, the recipient don't even need to have the app to be able to receive messages To register, all you need is a zip code, any zip code, I used 00977 as I am from Nepal . Try it, there is a free version with ads and a paid version without it its really fun .

Hope this was much helpful to you guys if you got these apps don’t forget to add me send me your numbers via  my twitter inbox which is @j_priita or mail me at . I will get back to you as soon as I can

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ADDICTED MUCH (twitter/instagram)

Twitter can be distracting, but it can be useful. It’s up to you how to go with the flow or the follow lolz ! Its not been much since I started using twitter after I deactivated my facebook account this is the first  thing that keeps me going nowadays. For those of you ,not yet using it ! do download it its quite the catch ,  well even though Updates have to be under 140 characters this annoys me sometime but on the contrary its helpful in  many ways let’s see what is it helpful for:

Quick feedback:
Ask folks on your friend’s list which digital camera to buy for under $300 US,RS or whatever  and you’ll get back a stream of responses.
News Briefings:
About the natural calamities updates and latest celebrities news oh that’s a catch I always get my eyes on them
Recently  I asked about a web designer for a project. I got back 14 emails in 10 minutes from different sources on Twitter. It’s a great place to find folks to help with things.
Lots of us use Twitter to direct folks to blog posts we’ve written, news we find needs sharing, or entertaining things we’ve found on the web so here is the platform to share it guys
Direction to Social Causes:
I’ve seen plenty of posts of someone doing a walk for hunger or a collection for diabetes. Twitter allows people to use their friend lists to propagate that information faster, and try to draw more direct help down to a problem. So if ur doing one of these you can do marketing throughout twitter and ask for help


The second thing that keeps me going is INSTAGRAM. If you're like me and you're more than just a little bit addicted to Instagram, you know that some photos truly stand out in the stream. When I get the likes and feedback on my pictures I just feel so good I just don’t know why but it is the way it is.
And you can see that I have already shared my love towards instagramming in my earlier post I would just like to give you tips about how to make a life out of instagramming:

First you need a clean image:
Take the original photo with your phone’s camera. By taking your photos with your camera, you will be able to keep a completely untouched photo, just in case. This frees you up to try all sorts of different effects. You’ll also be able to zoom in and crop, whereas Instagram itself doesn't offer you that flexibility.
Edit them in different pic editting apps first :
Before you import your photos into Instagram, try tweaking them with another fun photo editing app first. There are a ton of great photo editing apps, but some of our favorites have built-in timers, offer a great variety of interesting effects, allow you to create collages and help you to merge photos into one panoramic image. Some of our go-to apps are Camera+, Snapseed, 100 Cameras in 1, Diptic, Dynamic Light and AutoStitch Panorama.
Frame it :
When taking photos that you'll import into Instagram, try looking at your world as a square.Once you’ve taken your photo, try taking it again from another angle — hold your camera high above your head or scoot down and take the shot from below. Your subject can look dramatically different when taken from an unusual angle.
Small details about the picture:
your entire subject is wonderful. Take one great shot of your subject in its entirety to capture the moment, but then take another where you capture just one small detail. Think tiny, perfect hands, cute shoes or a pretty necklace.

well i know that i m addicted to both of these two but i dont regret a bit they help me make new friends get updated with whats new and m happy with that cheers !

So guys follow me on twitter @j_priita & @priita on Instagram  I m waiting J
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Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Hey guys if you happen to like posting what you want to say beautiful quotes or Create beautiful graphical text messages to be shared via Instagram and iMessage. Here I present you VERSAGRAM it makes it more attractive try it 

You can download it from appstore its free 

                                   CIAO xoxo !! thank kew !!! :) 

Friday, March 9, 2012


I dont know how it happened , when did I get addicted to it.Right now at the very moment,  I’m so In-Love with INSTAGRAM, it sorta happened Instantly.

After downloading the Instagram app onto my Iphone, seeing what friends I had throughout Twitter I became hooked Instantly. So while I”m only 3 days old, aka a newbie to Instagram, I’m proud to have 47 wonderful followers. In just within 3 days I got these many friends that appreciate my photography via instagram .I am just really amazed and so happy.

Instagram is a great place to post pictures that deal with and or reflex the content that’s on my blog. As well as, pictures of other things that are not directly related to my blog. So, if you don’t have an Instagram account, get one and while your at it, check for me and follow J

                           CIAO xoxo !! thank kew !!! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello guys !

Due to busy schedule of my new job I was quite busy and could not update my blog,   but today I bring you a new  amazing app which can be downloaded on your smartphone or ipad. I bring you YFROG app taaaa daaaaa.........

yFrog lets you share photos on Twitter. yFrog Uploader is a specifically designed minimal iPhone/iPod Touch app to upload images to yFrog and optionally share them via Twitter.This is where you end your photo uploading needs with your friends and followers! In essence, the app will let you upload photos directly from your Photo Albums or from iPhone's Camera to's upload service. It'll then present options to either copy image URL for sharing with others or opening it in Safari browser or seamlessly continuing with using the app.

If the image being uploaded is too large, it'll automatically to prompt to use a resized variant or original image itself.You can also attach a comment to the photo, which forms the body for your Twitter post (Tweet). The link to the image is automatically included in the Tweet. e.g. "it works!".
An account at is required.
yFrog Uploader features include
Landscape mode.
iOS 4.0 and iPhone 4 support.
Continue uploading while the app is in background. (iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd gen. with iOS 4 and iPhone 4 only).
Multiple accounts support.
Twitter OAuth and yFrog OAuth Echo support.
Does not store the twitter login password anymore.
Tweet character counter.
Automatic URL shortening.
No more enforced 115 max characters in Tweet.
Automatic Tweet truncating to max available tweet length.
Better low memory situation handling.
Settings within the app (under Accounts).
Better image optimization handling.

To configure the app features (Twitter accounts, Picture Cropping, Image optimization, etc.), tap the "Accounts" button on top left. yFrog and Twitter are trademarks of their respective owners. yFrog Uploader is not affiliated to's image upload service

As I use twitter account these days I find lots of celebrities using this app too upload and share their picture .Go hurry download it like right now J
        CIAO xoxo !! thank kew !!! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Picnik is going to collaborate with google + now so in the meantime we can use other alternatives for it such as ...PHOTOBUCKET.COM , PIXLR EXPRESS.COM .These are the sites that are user friendly sites  after picnik.. :)  orelse  If you have a SMART PHONE than you may be aware of some pretty amazing photo editing apps you can use right from your phone and then save or upload to your favorite sites.... well as i was surfing  down categories in my I Phone appstore application ... I found  these awesome apps  ,INSTAGRAM, TRANSPHOTO,PS EXPRESS , ETC .let me introduce you to these awesome sites and apps



Upload pictures and videos to your Photo bucket account from your computer, pictures from a website or pictures from a mobile phone. Click "upload" when you have finished selecting the items that you want to upload to Photobucket.Work with your uploaded photos and video. You can add titles, move items around in your photo or video albums, share your photos and videos with others, delete photos and videos or even purchase prints or other photo items such as photo books. You can also edit, rotate or change the size of your pictures.

Create a slideshow of your uploaded pictures. Simply click "Create Slideshow" in the blue bar near the top of your account page. You can then select the uploaded images that you want in your slideshow, as well as select a slideshow style. Share your Photo bucket photo and video albums with others. Click on "Share an Album," and you can then select various other websites, such as MySpace and Face book where you want to post your albums. You can also set passwords for your Photo bucket albums.


Pixlr Editor on the other hand resembles an online version of GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. There is a toolbox, layers, brush options. advanced editing, and more. It is not nearly as robust as GIMP, but just as with Pixlr O-Matic and Pixlr Express, its presets make more advanced editing possible in fewer steps. You can edit the brush, layers, masks, etc and also use the filters and other basic image editor functions.

As with Pixlr Express, Pixlr Editor ran slowly when applying effects, since it is an online editor. When I was testing each version out, Pixlr O-Matic had no delay, Pixlr Express had a delay while applying some effects (not others), and Pixlr Editor got held up a few times trying to make edits or test out various effects. When all is said and done, Pixlr can make time-consuming work into child's play.


I am very much fond of this app from celebrities to all the people around the world use this app its kind of look book but it will help you to communicate with people all around the world and make new friends. Let’s show you how to use instagram

If you download the app from iTunes you will have to sync it to your iOS device before you are able to use it.You can find the app directly from your device by launching the App Store and searching for “Instagram”. Click here to learn how to download and use applications from the iTunes App Store.Launch the Instagram app by tapping its icon from your iOS device’s home screen. Click the “Sign up” button at the bottom of your screen and enter your email, username, password, phone number (optional), and upload a photo (optional) to create your account.

You can now optionally choose to import contacts and find friends from your contact list, Facebook account, Twitter account, or simply search for names and usernames. You will also be able to add friends at any time from within your account. Click “Next” when you are finished. You can now optionally choose to follow suggested Instagram users by clicking the “Follow” button next to their name. Click “Done” to complete the process and continue directly to your account. Click the refresh button in the top right corner to reload the tab.You can click the “like” button or click “comment” to share your opinion of a photo with other Instagram users.From within the “Popular” tab you can see photos uploaded by other users that are getting attention from the Instagram community.Clicking the “Share” tab will allow you to snap photos or select photos from your device’s photo albums.


An amazing application for you to beautify your photographs. Transform everything catching your eyes into a piece of artistic work with ease. All what you need to do is simply clicking the particular kind of art style you want …just download the app from app store and click on the app and get going you can edit your pictures as posters effect, vintage effect  and  Certainly you can choose to click click click to achieve more delicate and fascinating work. The Transphotos will follow your steps and record and you can back to each step whenever you want.

If you are bored of other edit sites or app you can use this to boost up your pictures to posters
PS EXpress :
This is the most fastest editing app you will find on your smart phone . It is for free you can go to your app store and download it easily.  After downloading the app first of all you should start adding images to work on. You can get them from four online sources or from your computer. You will need to authorize the accessing of your online accounts. Photoshop Express options Click on edit. This will take you to several options that you can do to your image.

With Photoshop Express, it's easy to improve your photos. Choose from a variety of one-touch effects, or simply drag your finger across the screen to crop, rotate, or adjust color. Add artistic filters like Soft Focus or Sketch. And never fear: You can undo and redo changes until you get just the look you want—a copy of your original file is always saved. You can Make your own changes. This will save it at the source. 

well no matter how many apps no matter how many sites you visit there is no other then PICNIK ! so i just want to say :

                                   CIAO !!! THANK KEW !!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


 As quoted by Vivienne Westwood “You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes”. It is definitely true every day due to mass trendsetters in the fashion world we are very much concerned about fashion and the trend that we have to follow. Everyone is worried about what comes next, what is in and what is out of fashion

So as it is the generation of technology gadgets and smartphone’s are a must in our day to day life n as it is about for the fashion conscious people whether you’re picking out an outfit or browsing the latest fashion news, there are plenty of great smartphone apps that can help you manage your daily fashion design tasks. And here I am to update you with the fashion apps that will help you keep up with your trend So, lets check out …..

LookBook app:

Lookbook Browser is a simple and fun way to browse through looks uploaded to the community fashion website Hot, New, and Top looks, and filter by male or female. Tap looks to enlarge their photographs and view more details.You may load more looks by pulling down to the bottom, or refresh by pulling up to the top.

Its just to LOOK at the fashion trends and stay updated .. J

Style Tag app :

StyleTag’s new iPad and iphone app provides a real-time, interactive fashion magazine experience unlike any other. The sleek and easy-to-use iPad n iphone interface allows users to breeze through the latest styles and trends for fashion ideas and inspiration. StyleTaggers can quickly email their favorite StyleTag photos to friends and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr allowing them to share the hottest looks, connect with the style community and comment on specific styles.

StyleTag users can conveniently stay up-to-date on the hottest styles and trends through real-time, on-the-spot photos and custom fashion feeds based on hand-selected styles, brands and posts from fellow StyleTag fashionistas. Users can easily share their favorite outfits and looks that catch their eye by taking photos and posting them to the StyleTag gallery. Fashion lovers can even exchange fashion advice and learn more about specific items by commenting on fellow StyleTaggers’ images.

Coolbook app :

Introducing the handbook of Cool Book Prom Dresses for 2012! Search through the entire 2012 Cool Book collection, create a favorites list, share with your friends & family, and locate & contact a Cool Book Store! Choosing a prom dress from the exclusive Cool Book Cool Collection has never been easier. Not sure which dress you like the most? Ask your friends on Facebook! Download The Cool Book 2012 app now and start searching for your perfect prom dress ….:) app:'s iPhone and iPad application brings you the best of fashion—including ready-to-wear, menswear, and couture runway coverage from New York, Paris, Milan, and London—direct to your device, wherever you may be. Download now for the latest runway shows from fashion capitals around the world, automatically updated to display the most current season and shows. In addition to perusing every catwalk look, you can get up-to-the-moment party coverage worldwide as well as stream and watch's entire video library, from runway clips to designer and celebrity profiles.

This one is the must have fashion app because I love and while this app is decent for viewing collections, it is missing the features that make the site great. My biggest complaint is the inability to use your lookbooks. If I see something I like, I have to make a note to look it up on the site so I can file it in a lookbook. I guess it's like a pretty picture book that you can't bookmark in any way…..ENJOI !!

POSE app :

There are endless photos of great styles on Pose. It's a great app for seeing looks from around the world. I like how real people are posting outfits every day - it's easy to figure out what I want to wear in the morning! It's fun to post what I'm wearing and get feedback from the community. I also like seeing what all the stylists and celebs are wearing…  love how it's set up. You can love things and take pictures of your own outfits and what not and pose them! It's great for getting different ideas of how to put things together in your wardrobe!...A must have app for everyone !!!

Trendstop app :

Browse photos and videos from hundreds of international fashion designers’ shows and check out daily trend snippets from the team of professional trend forecasters at .The daily fashion news and trends keep you up to date with exciting fashion looks and styling our global trend spotters are seeing around the world, and of the latest looks in vogue this season, both on the runways and in street style. Keep up-to-the minute with & share fashion news, trends, catwalk show coverage and runway videos and add trend content to your favorites.

You get lots of great trend looks & stories with the free app, or you can upgrade via the app to TrendTracker Premium, which brings you 2-10X more trend content (depending on section) than the classic TrendTracker!!The  Designer section allows you to browse selected images and runway videos from key designer shows from the latest fashion weeks from New York, London, Paris, Milan. The Premium version gives you all looks from all shows. This app is suitable for fashion and creative industry professionals, fashion students and avant-garde fashionistas. Anyone with a genuine interest in cutting edge style and fashion will find it one of the most exciting apps for following fashion trends.

Go hurry these apps are all just for FREEEE ! download it soon from your appstore don’t be late !!!! gotta go will keep u updating on more interesting apps and all till then

                        CIAO xoxo !! thank kew !!! :)